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How I Grew My Hair

So you want to grow your hair quick? Let me be the first to tell you it’s not going to happen quickly. It took me about a year to grow mine from just past my shoulders to under my boobs (haha yea, thats how I measure) I don’t have a secret formula but I can definitely tell you what worked for me in 7 steps.

Ever since I was in high school, I would straighten/blow dry my hair almost everyday. Not quite sure why since my hair is pretty much naturally straight… Anyways, this eventually lead to my hair getting dry and damaged. When I moved to Australia I stopped using heat tools and once I stopped, I noticed a huge difference probably within a month.

Tip: If you’re going out or are in desperate need to use heat tools make sure you get yourself a heat protectant spray. I’ve listed a few of my favourite ones below:

ghd Heat Protectant Spray

Kerastase Discipline Fluidissime Heat Protection

MOROCCANOIL Heat Styling Protection

Its a no brainer. Bleach and dye will ruin your hair. No matter how amazing your hair looks when you get it done, in about a month you’re going to have to keep getting your roots touched up. You’ll find yourself in this back and fourth cycle of killing your hair. And plus side is, you’ll save a bunch of money when you stop – its a win-win situation.

Tip: For all my blondes out there – When I stopped bleaching my hair I had this awkward phase where my roots were so long. When you reach this phase, try using a sun lightning spray to blend in the bleached hair to your natural hair. The one I used was John Frieda Sheer Blonde Go Blonder Controlled Lightening Spray.

It might sound strange but trimming your hair WILL make it grow longer. Over time your hair gets split ends. When you don’t trim your hair  it will continue breaking off  at the ends and you’re always going to be stuck with the same length. It’s best to trim your hair every 6 weeks or so to eliminate the split ends.

Tip: I do this myself instead of going to the hair salon. Simply wash your hair, part it down the middle, brush your ends to the front and snip. If you have someone you trust near you, have them cut it for you:) I generally trim an inch off.

Probably the best way to grow, thicken and nourish your hair is by using coconut oil. I’ve mentioned this on my Instagram before but for all those who don’t know it’s really easy! I usually do this on dirty hair before I go to bed.

You’ll need some coconut oil, a scrunchie, and a towel. Place your coconut oil into a bowl (as much as you think you’ll need, I usually use 4 tablespoons) and put it in the microwave for about 20-25 seconds. Once its ready, literally coat your whole scalp and hair in it, massaging it for about a minute. Once your done tie it into a bun and wrap the towel over it into a turban. In the morning wash your hair normally. Some people think that the coconut oil will make your hair all greasy, but trust me it doesn’t!

My hairdresser taught me this one. When you’re brushing wet hair it’s easy for the hair to break and tear. By brushing with a wide tooth comb you decrease the tugging and pulling, which in turn leads to less breakage.

Tip: I bought a wide tooth comb with a little hook as the handle and I leave it hanging in my shower. When I have conditioner in my hair I just brush it right then and there – it helps with the tangles.

I don’t know about you, but Im the type of person that needs to tie my hair up when I go to sleep. Instead of using a normal elastic try using a scrunchie (without an elastic in it). By doing this you wont put pressure on your hair in the same spot you always tie it up in.

I love having my own little “spa days” at home. Treat yourself to a nice “spa day” by putting a hair mask in your hair (maybe a face mask too while you do your nails.. haha seriously)

I also do my own type of hair mask in the steam room at my gym once a week. Its not really a hair mask but what I do is I wash my hair normally, once I’m done with the shampoo I then put conditioner in and make my way to the steam room. I don’t know the scientific stuff behind this one but all I know is that my hair feels SO soft once I wash it out.

If your looking for a good hair mask to purchase I definitely recommend the following:

Origins Calm to Your Senses Comforting Conditioning Hair Mask