When I was younger I always wanted to wear glasses, I thought they looked so stylish and cool. As I grew older my eyesight slowly became worse and my dream of getting glasses came true. At first it was fine, I could still see far away but my glasses just enhanced everything slightly. However, a few years into the whole thing I was already over it. I was so wrong – glasses are a pain in the ass, I quickly wished my eyesight was back to 20/20.

I’ve been contemplating laser eye surgery for the last 2 years and I’m happy to announce that I finally did it, I booked my appointment! I’m going in for the surgery next Friday. Of course I’m super nervous but just the thought of being able to say goodbye to my glasses once and for all makes me the happiest person alive. #seeyanever

ANYWAYS… now to the real important stuff (shopping advice)
Almost all my sunglasses have had prescription lenses, and now with summer in Australia right around the corner and sight being back to 20/20 I’m going to have to get some new pairs. So here’s where you guys come in… HELP ME PICK A PAIR!


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