Australia is one of those places everyone needs to visit. It was a dream destination of mine for the longest time and now I’m happy to say it’s my home. The lifestyle here is definitely one of the major reasons why I stayed, I mean who else can say they go to the beach and tan for their lunch breaks at work? I’ve been living here for just over 3 years now, and my parents finally decided to hop on a plane from Canada and make their way to the land down under (after the LONG flight they now know why I don’t visit as often as I should).

Since it was their first time coming to Australia I wanted to show them all the “hotspots” there is to see. I spent a week with them in Sydney, a week on the Gold Coast and a few days in Melbourne. Of course thats not even half of Australia, but for the 3 weeks they were here for I can pretty much guarantee they fell in love with what each place had to offer (they’re already talking about retiring here hahaha).

Since I’ve moved here, I’ve gotten so many of my friends from Canada asking what its like to travel to Australia, and theres a few things I tell everyone now before you decide to book a flight.


1. You need a Visitors Visa

Many people don’t know what you actually need a visitors visa to come visit, but don’t worry its not that expensive and it’s really easy to get. It usually gets approved the same or next day.

2. YES, it’s island but NO, its not a short drive from city to city.

If you want to visit many places you have to fly domestically,  you could drive from place to place but if you’re coming for less than a couple of weeks I’d say it’s a waste of time. My parents decided to come for 3 weeks which is still a short time if you want to experience each place to its full extent but I mean its better than nothing :)

3. Do Your Research

Depending on what time of year you come will play a huge role of where you should and shouldn’t go. My parents came in February so taking them to the famous Great Barrier Reef in Carins was an automatic NO since it’s wet season there now. Big bummer, but at least now they have an excuse to come for another visit.

4. Our Winters are COLD

Even though Australia is warm for most of the year,  it does get cold in some parts, and by cold I mean jacket and boots. Before I came to Australia I just assumed it was always warm, but I quickly found out that I needed a thick jacket and even scarf during winter. However, the more north you go the warmer it gets.

5. It’s FAR

From Canada it took me 21 hours to fly over. Australia is pretty much a long flight from most places so wear something super COMFY!

6. Unlock Your Phone

If you want to use your phone here make sure you get in unlocked before you come, this way you can just buy a pay-as-you-go sim card and you’re good to go. (I still use my pay-as-you-go plan, thats how good they are)

7. Anything You Need to Know?

If you’re planning on coming and have some more questions, leave me a comment in HERE :) I’ll be happy to give you some advice.