Shopping in Bangkok

Okay… so it’s safe to say that Bangkok is the best place to shop in all of Thailand.  There are so many shopping malls to visit and believe me when I say that you can spend a whole day visiting each one. While I was there I only had the chance to visit two; Terminal 21 which is a fairly new shopping mall and MBK Center known as Mahboonkrong which is a flea market type mall. They both were MASSIVE (8 and 9 floors) – Just picture the heart eyes emoji… yup that was my face.

Terminal 21

I got to this mall around 8:30 pm, as I asked the security guard what time they close a seriously big smile popped up on my face when he said 10pm. From the ground floor I looked up and saw escalators upon escalators making their way up (stairway to heaven?) it was a pretty cool sight and definitely felt like a sex in the city moment… Bangkok Style.

Since moving to Australia from Canada three years ago, I have a tendency to think everything in Australia is so overpriced. So when I saw the prices in these shops…oh boy here comes the heart eyes emoji again. There were many well-known shops in this mall such as Forever21, H&M, Nike, Levis and more but there were also many smaller shops by local independent labels which I wish we had in Australia.

shopping in bangkok blog post jackieepee

shopping in bangkok blog blogger jackieepee

This mall has nine floors each with a different theme. At first I thought that there was an actual airport connected to the mall because of all the airplane signs on the way to the escalators but once I took the escalator up I soon realized that each floor was in the theme of a different place in the world. The ground floor was Rome, which had all the well-known fashion brands. The next floor was M this one took you to Paris where I found more fashion brands. After Paris comes floor 1 (Tokyo), 2 (London) and 3 (Istanbul) which offered gifts, jewellery, fashion, accessories, toys, beauty products and home décor. On the 4th and 5th floor was San Francisco where I found an amazing array of food stalls, cafes and restaurant chains. On the 6th floor there was a movie theatre but who has time for movies when visiting Bangkok?

My favourite floor out of all nine floors would have to be the 3rd floor – Istanbul. As soon as I got up there were amazing Middle Eastern lamps hanging from the ceilings and walls, I automatically felt like I was teleported to Turkey. Terminal 21 definitely has its own edge and I would absolutely recommend it if you’re looking for a unique place to shop for a mix of well-known and local brands.



MBK Center

This shopping center was about 20 min train ride from our hotel, Ad Lib. It was fairly straight forward to get to and once we got there I was speechless! This shopping center is unlike anything ever seen before. This eight story center is probably Bangkok’s most legendary shopping mall, popular for both tourists and locals. There’s about 2,000 shops that sell everything from clothing, leather products, handbags, fashion accessories, shoes, shirts, skirts, and luggage to furniture, mobile phones, electric appliances, cameras, and DVD’s (basically anything you can think of). It has everything you will find in the markets – but in air conditioned comfort! (side note.. one thing you need to know Bangkok is SUPER humid) The prices are already very cheap but the shopkeepers will be happy to negotiate for even cheaper. My favourite part of this mall was the massage place at the very top floor… so needed after a full day of walking. If you want my honest opinion, this is the only place you need to go for shopping in Bangkok.

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