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Staying in: Ad Lib, Bangkok

As this was my first time visiting Bangkok, I wanted to stay in a hotel that was right in the centre of everything (so that I could be the ultimate tourist of course) but still at a place that was luxurious and relaxing. For someone who is not easy to surprise, the Ad Lib boutique hotel managed to sweep me off my feet in more ways than one. Upon arrival I was greeted by a stunning canopy of overhanging jungle vines light up by tiny fairy lights with the calming sounds of the fountains in the background. Even before I stepped into the lobby I already felt like I was entering a spa hideaway. I say hideaway because Ad Lib is literally hidden away in a few side streets off the main road from all the hustle and bustle Bangkok brings with it. If you were walking past you would never know that this charming hotel was just a few steps away.

The Room

After checking in incredibly late, the lobby receptionist kindly greeted us with refreshments and escorted us to our room for the next two nights. I stayed in the “Plush Room” which literally lives up to its name. This room just oozes comfort everywhere you look. I immediately noticed a number of features – the coffee/tea machine, a rainfall shower, generous bathroom amenities (which came in handy since I forgot to pack some conditioner – I knew I was forgetting something!), a colourful platter of tropical fruit, and plenty of complimentary water bottles. These were just a few of the notable mentions but the best thing about the room was the lush king sized bed. I don’t think I’ve ever had such an amazing night’s sleep before. The rooms are spacious with a minimal design, but no expense has been spared in creating a thoughtful space for guests to enjoy and relax in.

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The Staff

The staff at Ad lib are so friendly and helpful. Even though I didn’t know a single word of Thai, there was no communication barrier, what a relief. The staff all spoke English fluently, probably the best out of all the places I visited. They were even happy to teach me some essential Thai words.

Sa-wa-dee-ka (for females) and Sa-wa-dee-cup (for males)
meaning hi, bye, its basically just a general greeting

Kap-pun-ka (for girls) Kap-pun-cup (for males)
meaning thank you

These are the only two I remembered and ever used. hahaha

ad lib hotel review jackieepee blogger

wearing; Kookai top, Temt shorts

The Hotel and Facilities

The entire hotel looks like something out of an interior design magazine and feels like you’re inside a relaxing retreat in the heart of the city. There are many facilities to enjoy, including a well-equipped gym, a comfortable lounge area and my favourite of course… the pool. I’m not sure if you know but Bangkok is incredibly hot and humid almost all year round so cooling down from the tropical heat with a dip in the elegant roof-top pool was an absolute delight.

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ad lib hotel pool review jackieepee blog blogger jackie prazmowski bangkok

Wearing Sunseeker Swimwear bikini

wearing: Sunseeker Swimwear bikini, Louise Jean necklaces

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The Restaurant/Bar/Breakfast area

Ad lib restaurant/breakfast area is an escape from the concrete jungle that lies beyond its walls. There are vines and water features running along the walls making you feel like you are dining in the middle of a tropical rainforest. So fancy. This was the only hotel in which I stayed in that offered a breakfast menu selection as well as a breakfast buffet (best of both worlds). The service was beyond exceptional and the food was even better.

jackiee pee blog bangkok ad lib hotel review jackie prazmowski

wearing: Museum Clothing playsuit, Famous Footwear shoes

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Ad lib hotel food blog blogger jackieepee jackie prazmowski

wearing: Museum Clothing playsuit, Famous Footwear shoes

wearing: Museum Clothing playsuit, Famous Footwear shoes


Ad Lib is situated on Sukhumvit Street which is one of Bangkok’s oldest roads, and just so happens to be one of the liveliest as well. It’s about a 3 min walk from the hotel to the main road and metro station –super convenient, and if you REALLY don’t feel like walking after partying Hangover 3 style the night before you can be driven to the main road by Ad Lib’s complimentary tuk tuk (scooter taxi) service.

If you’re a big shopper, foodie, party person, this location will be your paradise, everything is in such close proximity. No matter what you decide to do, there’s no better feeling than coming back to this hidden piece of privacy.

hahaha.. they're pretty funny

hahaha.. they’re pretty funny