You might have read my pervious blog about my mini ‘staycation’ in Sydney this past weekend.  I had the opportunity to stay at two hotels in Surry Hills – a foodie/shopping paradise for those who are unfamiliar with the area. On the first day I stayed at the Cambridge Hotel and on the following day it was time to check into the ADGE Hotel. Luckily for me the two hotels were literally next door to each other.

At first glance, the ADGE Hotel presents itself as a regular building however upon entry I discovered a side of the hotel that took me by surprise. The word I would use to describe this hotel would be FUNKY. The lobby had colourful lights behind the seating area and it’s walls featured graffiti artwork, a stand out piece that had me staring as I waited for the receptionist to check me in.

The funky hip vibe didn’t stop there. As we were escorted to our room by the friendly concierge, both the elevator and hallways included LED light instillations that would change colour every couple seconds. The carpet in the hallways almost resembled a rainbow, I felt like I was in a mini nightclub, definitely unlike anything I’ve ever seen before.

Our hotel room, which was more of a 2 bedroom/2 bathroom apartment suite came equipped with all the necessary features and then some. Complimentary wifi, kitchen, washer and dryer, and luxurious toiletries were just a few highlights worth mentioning. The decor of the suite remained true to the hotel’s big personality, it incorporated the colourful carpet running throughout, LED lights under the kitchen cabinets and a retro green fridge to top it off. But there was also a slightly more contemporary appeal to the suite with leather sofas, sleek marble countertops and spa like bathrooms.

The service at this hotel was exceptional, on arrival to our room we were shown where we could find all the utensils and how to operate the appliances, shortly after we were greeted by another receptionist with complimentary drinks and a cheese platter. Towards the evening another staff member came by offering complimentary water for our bedside tables and cookies. Doesn’t get much better then cheese and cookies!

As the day came to an end, we had an incredible view of the sunset from all rooms. Just see for yourself…

Overall my stay at the ADGE Hotel was incredible and I will definitely come back for another weekend or perhaps a longer stay. If you want to have your own ‘staycation’ I highly suggest staying in Surry Hills at either the Cambridge Hotel or ADGE Hotel.