Touchdown in Bangkok

For someone who doesn’t like to sit in one spot for a long time, the 9 hour flight from Sydney to Bangkok wasn’t too bad. I guess my lack of movie watching over the past few months came in handy for the flight. Btw… the Trainwreck movie, so funny. You know those annoying people on the flight who won’t stop talking while everyone’s trying to sleep, that was me, but instead of talking I would burst out laughing. Ha ha ha …Oops.

I saw my first glimpse of Bangkok through the cab window as we slowly made our way into the heart of the city in rush hour traffic. I’m pretty sure this was the only time in my life when I didn’t mind being stuck in traffic, the sun was setting in between the buildings and the whole landscape looked incredible – Such a good way to begin our trip. It even made me forget how hungry I was.


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When we finally drove off the highway into the streets of the city it was crazy to see the contrast between the rich and poor. There would be people on the streets selling items for close to nothing and right beside them there was a massive building with business people walking in and out. And one other thing, the streets are HECTIC! There was scooters driving in all directions – remember that game Temple Run? That’s exactly how I pictured myself walking around. Definitely made myself a little mental note “Do not get lost, or worse, get run over by a scooter”.

When we finally arrived at our hotel Ad Lib, my bf and I unpacked. By this point I was beyond starving. We ended up walking around the streets exploring the night markets while on the hunt for some local Thai cuisine. I’ve heard from several people that the Thai food would be really good, and for all those who raved about the food, it was BY FAR the highlight of my entire trip.