As some of you might have seen on my Instagram this past week, I visited Bronte Beach. Every time I come here I imagine how it would be like to live in those houses along the cliff and wake up to the amazing view of the ocean. This place is literally a dream – MY DREAM! You have an amazing beach, a natural rock pool, cliffside walking trails, public bbq areas and cute little shops surrounding you. What more do you need?

Ever since I got my permanent residency in Australia I’ve been getting friends, even family asking me where I see myself living in the future, whether I would move back to Canada, stay in Australia or move somewhere else. To be completely honest I have no idea myself but I know that living in a new place has given me a new perspective, I never thought I could see a different country as my “home”. For now I’ve decided to take it one day at a time and explore as many places as I can, then maybe I’ll know when it’s time to settle – but one thing’s for sure, wherever I decide to stay I definitely need to be next to the ocean ;)  (preferably with an amazing view).

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